When of a nature that can be dealt with using limited staff are sometimes accommodated. Most emergencies are best treated by the Peninsula Animal Referral Center, a state of the art, fully staffed, after-hours facility located in Tabb, 5-1/2 miles south of GAH on Highway 17.

Peninsula Animal Referral Center
1120 George Washington Memorial Highway (Rt. 17)
Telephone: 757-874-8115

Grafton Vet - Animal clinic in Yorktown, VA


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Welcome to Grafton Animal Hospital!

We are very excited that you have entrusted us to care for your pets and look forward to years of reliable veterinary care and trusted professional advice that will allow your pet to live a longer, healthier, happier life. Please stop by anytime for a tour of the facility if you have not already done so. You will see the cleanest, brightest, best-equipped facility that’s staffed by the friendliest and best trained care givers. Details of the hospital, state of the art equipment, and staffing details may be found on other pages of this website. Our philosophy maintains that all of our patients will be treated as we would treat our own pets, and our clients will always be treated as we would desire to be treated by our own physicians and their staff.

Helpful Hints to make your first visit more efficient
  • New clients should arrive a few minutes before the appointment to allow for proper processing of your information.
  • We request that you bring a copy of your pets’ medical records if any exists. If you do not have them, simply contact us before the appointment and supply us with the name of the previous veterinarian and city and we will obtain them for you.
  • Please fill out the New Client Information Form, complete it when convenient, and bring it with you.
  • If your first visit includes boarding, please print and complete the Boarding Form and bring it with you. Please review the boarding policy carefully to avoid any confusion.
Your first hospital visit will usually involve the following:
  • 5-10 minutes to collect your information and create your medical record.
  • A 10 -15 minute tour of the hospital if you have the time and desire.
  • 10-20 minutes with a veterinarian or technician who will examine your pets wellness history and discuss all the current Wellness Recommendations.
  • 10-20 minutes with a veterinarian who will make friends with your pet, perform an exam and perform any needed procedures.
  • 5-10 minutes to check out and collect any medications that might be needed.

Grafton Animal Hospital Highlights

As a new client, we thought it might be helpful to see a summary of what makes us special. If you have any questions about any of the following points, we would love to discuss it with you.

  • Opened for business in this location by Dr. Michael Gross in 1994.
  • Offer complete services to dogs, cats, birds and small exotics. We have a special interest in pet birds.
  • Services include boarding, grooming, surgery, dentistry and a variety of medical procedures and diagnostics.
  • Open from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday and 7:30am to 1 pm on Saturdays.
  • Provide medical care to sick and injured wildlife as a community service, and transfer them for rehabilitation and release. We assist Newport News Park, The National Wildlife Service, and the SPCA.
  • Rely heavily on client education and preventative medicine to improve the quality of pet’s lives.
  • We are always available to offer tours of our facility and answer questions.
  • We maintain a clean, odor-free environment at all times.
  • We now offer Wellness Plans to help our clients provide complete health care while taking advantage of savings on ancillary services (Boarding and Grooming) and elective procedures.
  • We have a referral program in place that rewards new clients for choosing GAH and for thanking the referring clients. (30-40% of our new clients are referrals from our clients and from other hospitals)
  • Staff receive extensive and ongoing education in the areas of pet care and client service.

Medicine and Surgery

  • Have the highest level of certification by the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • We use the safest anesthetics available.
  • We use the latest, safest, and most effective pain medicines.
  • We have a fully stocked pharmacy and can fill prescriptions for our client’s convenience.
  • We also compound drugs to make administration easier for the uncooperative patients.
  • Our Doctors attend 5-10 times the required amount of continuing education (100 to 150 hours annually) to insure that we remain on the cutting edge of competency.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art anesthetic safety monitors such as pulse oximitry, ECGs, and CO2 monitors.
  • We assign a surgical assistant to the patient who stays with the pet from beginning of the procedure until the pet is awake smiling.
  • We have a state-of-the-art surgical unit with radiosurgical equipment for advanced techniques.
  • We have microsurgical equipment for birds and other fine detail procedures.
  • We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as digital general and dental radiography, ultrasound, and video-endoscopy equipment which allows the inspection, sampling and/or surgery of body cavities such as the nasal cavity, ears, GI tract, and respiratory tract. It also allows for the recording of images in digital format for referral to specialist.
  • We utilize over 10 laboratories around the country and refer specialty cases to local Board Certified Veterinary Specialist (internal medicine, dermatology, surgery, ophthalmology, neurology,etc.)
  • Our assistants spend 20-30 minutes with every new client discussing all areas of preventive health care.

Boarding and Grooming

Tours available at any time.

Multiple size rooms to fit any pets needs.

Advanced climate control systems provide fresh odor free air at all times.

  • Many Windows, Skylights, Ceiling Fans and Hanging Plants maintain a bright cheery atmosphere.
  • State of the art fire and burglar system.
  • New Wellness Programs offer savings on boarding and grooming just for keeping your pet healthy or 10% off grooming for frequent visits.
  • Continuous daytime observation by devoted, caring, trained staff.
  • After-hours, holiday, and weekend pickup usually available (by appointment)
  • Many “extras” available for the pampered pet such as: comfort cushions to luxurious beds; daily brushing (fur and/or teeth); medications given on schedule; extra playtime/exercise time.
  • Complimentary entrance exam by a veterinary technician or assistant.
  • Complimentary baths available for guests staying over 5 days.
  • Professional Grooming available by certified groomers with over 11 years experience.
  • Grooming discounts available for frequent groomings (10% if groomed within 6 weeks).
  • Diet includes top of the line Hills Science Diet or the pet’s regular diet from home.
For The Dogs
  • Resting benches keep dogs off the floor when at rest.
  • All dogs are allowed out individually in a giant 20,000 square foot exercise area 3 times daily.
  • New Interactive Doggy Daycare for social pets needing extra canine and human interaction, or just a safe place to relax for the day.
For The Kitties
  • Cats stay in a room of their own, separate from the dogs.
  • Multiple sized facilities to choose from including “Kitty Condos” which consists of one to four suites connected to provide huge horizontal and vertical living space.
  • Large Windows allowing unrestricted view of birds and squirrels at the feeders.