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On-site Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped to perform all the routine tests such as intestinal parasite exams (using a fecal sample), heartworm and tick-borne disease tests (for dogs) and testing for cats that include heartworms, feline leukemia and feline AIDS.  We can perform a recommended urinalysis and ERD (Early Renal Disease) test for cats and dogs starting at 1 year of age. Our avian patients can have their parasite and bacteria checks done right on site. These tests are typically part of the routine wellness visit.

If your pet is sick, our Doctors can normally provide an in-house test to get a quicker diagnosis and have your pet feeling better.  Our staff to perform a cytology or skin scraping here on site; test for serious problems such as Parvovirus or Pancreatitis; perform a urinalysis to diagnose bladder problems or urinary tract infections or test for other bacteria that can make pets feel sick.

as well as specialized diagnostic tests, including tonometry (glaucoma testing), electrocardiography, and blood pressure assessment in addition to blood tests. Most routine lab tests are performed in the hospital with results available within minutes. For more specialized testing, we have accounts with over a dozen laboratories throughout the country – each lab being a specialist in a certain field (for example – Avian exotic labs in Ohio for avian blood profiles, MSU for endocrine assays, LSU for heavy metal analysis, etc.).