• Hurricane Evacuations with pets

    Sep 07 2017

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    Many of our clients have been coming into the clinic and talking about Hurricane Irma that is still a possible threat to our area.  Many are making plans just in…

  • Meet Dr. Jennifer Moore

    Aug 31 2017

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    If you have visited Grafton Animal Hospital recently, you have probably figured out that we have a new doctor.   Jennifer Moore joined Grafton Animal Hospital in June of this year. …

  • Keep your pet from getting lost while traveling!

    Aug 25 2017

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    Do you often travel with your pet?  And are you a tech junkie that loves to have the latest and greatest gadgets?  A recent article in the Daily Press spotlights…

  • Is your pet your child’s best friend?

    Jun 13 2017

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    Nothing seems to go together better than children and pets.  I love seeing kids riding bikes and a dog running close behind.  I was reading the April 2017 Trends Magazine…

  • June is National Microchip Month!

    Jun 09 2017

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    Happy National Microchipping month!!!!  Okay, so you may not be planning a family gathering or purchasing gifts for this occasion, but here is why it’s important to consider a microchip…

  • Why does my pet need bloodwork to get that medication?

    May 26 2017

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    I was recently speaking with one of our valued Grafton Animal Hospital clients who informed me that he had a kidney transplant within the last year.  I was very surprised…

  • Does your pet make you more attractive?

    May 12 2017

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    Did you ever wonder what your pet does for your looks?  The folks at Petsies recently surveyed 1000 Americans in a study that found your pet can certainly make you…

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    Beat the Heat

    May 05 2017

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    Ahhhh, summer is finally right around the corner.  Rain, snow, and cold weather should soon be a distant memory.  But summer heat can be dangerous for your pet. In one…

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    April is Lyme Disease Prevention Month

    Apr 24 2017

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    April is National Lyme Disease Prevention month.  Lyme disease is a growing problem in dogs and humans, especially in southeastern Virginia.  Did you know that dogs are 50% more likely…

  • What to do if you have lost your pet

    Apr 15 2017

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    My sister told me recently that her friend, Renee, had lost her cat, Dutchie.  He got out of the house and was gone a few days.  Renee was worried sick…