• Sure, my pet has all of his shots. Doesn’t he?

    Apr 05 2017

    When I started graduate school, I was asked to provide a record of certain vaccines.  Being a member of the military at the time, I was pretty certain that I…

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    Grain-free Diets are not best for your best friend

    Mar 27 2017

    There are a lot of speculations that a carbohydrate-free diet is good for you.  I am no expert when it comes to the perfect diet, but a balance of everything…

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    Chocolate – Good for me but not my pet

    Mar 15 2017

    It’s a great day when I learn that something I like is actually good for me.  In this case, it’s chocolate.  In the February issue of AAHA’s Trends magazine, there…

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    Properly Socialize your Puppy

    Mar 10 2017

    Here at Grafton Animal Hospital, we have been seeing a lot of puppies recently, so we thought it would be a great time to talk about socializing your puppy.  Socialization…

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    Keep your pet safe while riding in the car

    Mar 03 2017

    I was recently driving to work and got the idea for this blog as I came up behind a car driving under the speed limit in the left lane.  No,…

  • Happy Spay Day!

    Feb 23 2017

    February 28th is Spay Day – a day devoted to spreading awareness of how spaying and neutering dogs and cats helps saves lives.   At Grafton Animal Hospital, we recommend that…

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    Protect your pet during the Super Bowl!

    Feb 02 2017

    Super Bowl 51 is only days away. Whether you are cheering on the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots, or you are really only waiting for half time with…

  • Exotic pets should see the veterinarian too!

    Jan 23 2017

    Most dog or cat owners know that their pet needs to see a veterinarian at least once a year to update an exam and vaccines, and get needed heartworm and…

  • Meet Lucy

    Jan 18 2017

    If you have recently visited Grafton Animal Hospital and saw the little blue bird, you may have asked yourself “Didn’t that bird used to be green?”  We get a lot…

  • Happy Holidays

    Dec 23 2016

    The holidays are upon us again.  It seems not long ago we were hanging out at the beach and now we are roasting chestnuts on the open fire.  It’s the…