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Jun 13 2017

Is your pet your child’s best friend?

Nothing seems to go together better than children and pets.  I love seeing kids riding bikes and a dog running close behind.  I was reading the April 2017 Trends Magazine from the American Animal Hospital Association that mentioned the benefits of children having pets.

According to a study at the University of Cambridge, “children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters”.   It goes on to say that “household pets may have a major influence on child development and could have a positive impact on children’s social skills and emotional wellbeing.”  Read all the details of the study at the link below:

My dogs were about a year and a half when my son was born, and at first I don’t think they really paid him any mind.  But they soon discovered when he started feeding himself in the high chair, that this new child was a food dispenser.  Even now that my son is 9 years old, my dogs have never forgotten that Eli routinely has a snack in his hand.  I think this is the real reason they spend any time with him.

Eli loves sitting with my dog, Rosie.  They will watch TV or read together.  He also likes to take her on walks now, which makes me wonder if there is some truth to this study.  Rosie also gets very excited when she knows Eli is awake and headed downstairs in the mornings.  I think a true bond has formed between the two of them.

Do your pet and your child share a special bond?  We would love to hear about it.  Share your stories or photos at our Facebook Page.

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