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Jun 09 2017

June is National Microchip Month!

Happy National Microchipping month!!!!  Okay, so you may not be planning a family gathering or purchasing gifts for this occasion, but here is why it’s important to consider a microchip for your pet:

  1. The weather is nicer and you and your pet may be spending more time outside soon.  There is a better chance of your pet getting away from you during this time.  Also, sometimes there are a number of pets that look similar at the dog park.  Make sure your pet makes it back home with you today.
  2. 1 in 3 pets go missing.  Home Again, one of the leading manufacturers of pet microchips, has reunited 2 million pets to their owners.  Just think how many lost pets would be out there right now if it were not for this great product.
  3. When a pet is turned into a shelter, or brought to us as lost, the pet is scanned for a microchip.  We have reunited many pets to their families.  Unfortunately, we have found pets with no chips or no updated information so the owner could not be located.  It’s important to not only have the chip but to also keep your information up to date.
  4. Microchips are relatively inexpensive.  For less than $85, Grafton Animal Hospital will insert your pet’s microchip and take care of your online registration.  Your pet is registered for life so you don’t need to do anything else unless your personal information changes.
  5. Microchips are tiny and not painful to administer.  No sedation is required for most pets.  Most pets only need to get one microchip in their lifetime.  We can even get mini microchips for small birds.
  6. There have been cases of pets being stolen from their owners.  A microchip helps you prove that your pet belongs to you!

No one should have to lose their pet.  If you would like some more information about microchipping your pet, please give any of the staff at Grafton Animal Hospital a call at (757) 898-8433.

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