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May 12 2017

Does your pet make you more attractive?

Did you ever wonder what your pet does for your looks?  The folks at Petsies recently surveyed 1000 Americans in a study that found your pet can certainly make you more or less attractive to members of the opposite sex.  Who thinks of these crazy surveys?

Basically, people were shown pictures of attractive people, then other pictures of the same people including a variety of pets.  Turns out, certain types of pets can help or hinder your attractiveness level.  You can check out the whole survey at this link:

But here’s the bottom line.  The best pets to influence your level of attractiveness are puppies as well as small and medium-sized dogs.  What pets are hindering their owners on attractiveness?  Cats, kittens and large dogs.  When breaking it down by sex, dogs and puppies really help women look more attractive but cats and kittens hurt them.  For the men, puppies had the most influence on attractiveness, while large dogs and kittens hurt them.

A quick disclaimer here: Grafton Animal Hospital is not saying that cats and large dogs make bad pets.  Every type of pet has pros and cons.  We are merely reporting the findings of the survey.  If these results are true, and you happen to be a single person who wants to acquire a new pet, you may want to take a look at this survey.  We, of course, think all of our patients make their parents look more attractive, and will do our best to help you keep them healthy as well.  Enjoy reading more about the survey

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