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Feb 23 2017

Happy Spay Day!

February 28th is Spay Day – a day devoted to spreading awareness of how spaying and neutering dogs and cats helps saves lives.   At Grafton Animal Hospital, we recommend that all female dogs and cats be spayed, and that all male dogs and cats be neutered.  Yet we hear many reasons why pet owners have chosen not to.  Here are some myths and the truth:

Myth #1:  Spaying or neutering my pet is expensive – A pet owner should consider the cost of vaccines, healthcare and this important surgery when adopting a pet.  While the cost of a spay or neuter seems expensive up front, it could save the pet owner a lot of money in the future.  The cost of a C-section delivery or treatment of a Pyometra (infected uterus) can be 10 times the cost of spay surgery.  Both of these conditions will not occur in a dog who is spayed.

Myth #2: Spaying or neutering my pet will make her/him fat – This is like saying that every woman who has a child will become overweight.  It’s just not true.  Eating the right amount of a healthy diet and getting a reasonable amount of exercise will keep your pet fit and trim even if they are spayed or neutered.

Myth #3: Every pet should have the opportunity to experience motherhood – Some people think that pets will become more protective, more bonded and have better instincts if they have a litter.  This is actually not necessary.  Other people thinks it’s healthy for their pet to have a litter.  Your pet is actually much less likely to develop reproductive problems if she is spayed before her first heat cycle.

Myth #4:  My dog is SOOOOOOO CUTE!  I want little ones. – Yes,  puppies and kittens are very cute, but shelters and rescues all over the country are full of cute puppies and kittens that need a home.  Some people believe they can make money selling puppies, but the cost of pre-natal care and veterinary visits for the puppies can be costly for the breeder.

Myth #5: I don’t want my male dog to be less manly.  Keep in mind, you are more bothered by this than he is.  He can live a normal, healthy life even without testicles.  And you can be relieved to know that he cannot develop testicular cancer if he has been neutered.

If your pet is not spayed or neutered, it’s never too late.  Give any of our staff a call at (757) 898-8433 to ask about the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet.  Grafton Animal Hospital wants to help you help your pet live a long, happy and healthy life.


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