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Feb 02 2017

Protect your pet during the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl 51 is only days away. Whether you are cheering on the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots, or you are really only waiting for half time with Lady Gaga, chances are you are making some plans with friends or family for a little celebrating. I came across an article today from the ASPCA called “Top 5 exposures on Super Bowl Sunday.” Here is what they said along with our recommendations:

1. Alcohol – It is very likely that someone at your party will be consuming some adult beverages this weekend. Leaving a partial glass of beer around for your dog to lap up could cause your pet to become intoxicated. He or she could experience depression or aspiration if they vomit.

2. Cannabis– Ok, so it’s not legal in Virginia but we know some people enjoy a little marijuana at times. Often, marijuana is baked into brownies and other yummy desserts that are hard for a dog to resist. Although marijuana is known to help with certain human ailments, there is “no therapeutic purpose in dogs” according to Dr. Laura Raiff, veterinarian at Grafton Animal Hospital.

3. Garlic and Onions – Although these are two natural spices that have many health benefits to humans, both cats and dogs can experience a number of issues if they ingest too much of either, including renal (kidney) failure.

4. Rich food – pizza, creamy dips, greasy chips, sauces on wings – all yummy for us, but could cause pancreatitis in your pet. Are you planning on a rich, chocolaty dessert? Dark chocolate is toxic to dogs, and other chocolates can make them ill. Chicken wings are also a great snack. Chicken and pork bones can splinter and break causing your pet to choke.

5. Human Medications – After consuming a little too much of the adult beverages, you may need to take something to cure a headache in the morning. While many human drugs can be used in pets, just as many can be extremely toxic. Acetaminophen and NSAIDS are toxic for dogs. This includes very common over-the-counter drugs such as Aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil. Keep all medications in a safe location where your curious pets cannot get into them.

Don’t let this information scare you into going to bed early this Sunday. Keep food and alcohol on higher counters or an area where pets cannot get to it. Also, ask your guests to pick up plates and cups when they cannot be watched. If you have a counter raider, you may have to keep your pet in a separate area away from the celebration.

If your pet ingests any of these problem items, immediate treatment will give your pet the best chance of having fewer problems. Give us a call right away at (757) 898-8433 for advice on what to do. If we are not available, please contact the Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Clinic at (757) 874-8115.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends and keep your pets safe. And even if you are not watching the game, there should be some pretty funny commercials. Go team!

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