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Jan 18 2017

Meet Lucy

If you have recently visited Grafton Animal Hospital and saw the little blue bird, you may have asked yourself “Didn’t that bird used to be green?”  We get a lot of questions so this will help clarify everything.

We lost our friend, Croaker, in August.  She was 27 years old and had spent most of her life at Grafton Animal Hospital.  Croaker was a green Quaker parrot who was only fond of a few people, but she kind of became the mascot of this clinic.  After her passing, it just didn’t feel right not having her there.

We learned of a young Quaker at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter and adopted her in September.  After running a blood test to determine she was actually a girl, we settled on the name “Lucy”.  Most Quaker parrots are green but Lucy is blue – not as common but many clients comment that they like her color.  We are not sure of her exact age, but she has some behaviors that indicate she is a juvenile.  While it has taken her some time to warm up to us, she seems to be fitting in just fine.  Most of the staff can hold her and she doesn’t bite nearly as hard as Croaker used to do.  She does sometimes jump off her perch and follow certain staff from the reception area, and she recently flew over the reception counter very close to a 110 pound Newfoundland.  She is still in training but we hope she will fit right in as our new mascot.

So when you are at Grafton Animal Hospital next time, say “hi” to Lucy.  If you have any questions or want to learn more about possibly owning or how to care for a pet bird, please contact any of our staff at (757) 898-8433.

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