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Aug 25 2016

USAA partners with Embrace Pet Insurance

When clients ask our opinion of the best pet insurance companies, it is tough for us to give a definite answer because the companies vary on coverage and price.  But, Dr. Shuck-Lee, veterinarian at Grafton Animal Hospital, just informed our staff of a new incentive to help military families save some money on good pet insurance.

USAA Federal Savings Bank has teamed up with Embrace Pet Insurance company and is offering discounts on premiums of 15% or more.  They offer different types of plans so chances are, every military family could find a plan that meets their needs.

As with all pet insurance companies, pet owners are responsible for paying their veterinary expenses up front, then request reimbursement from the pet insurance company.  Some companies/plans cover just illnesses and injuries while others cover general wellness.  The best thing about any pet insurance is that it often eliminates the need to make a difficult decision based on finances.

I think it’ s great that Embrace is giving back to our military members by offering this opportunity.  Many of our valued Grafton Animal Hospital patients would be eligible for this discount.  To learn more, please visit  And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (757) 898-8433.

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