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Aug 05 2016

Grafton Animal Hospital treats wildlife

Each year, there is plenty of wildlife in our area that becomes sick or injured and needs veterinary care.  The veterinarians at Grafton Animal Hospital will treat many of these animals to include birds, squirrels, turtles, deer, opossum and more.

We work very closely with Newport News Park.  We are able to treat any wildlife that are found in the park or brought in by a city resident.  In turn, any animal that can be treated but needs rehabilitation will go back to the park and eventually released.

We will also take injured wildlife from the local community.  We ask for a $20 donation to help fund the care of wildlife.  We waive this fee for our clients.  Please keep in mind that Grafton Animal Hospital cannot take in any raccoons, foxes, skunks or venomous snakes.  Once we treat, the wildlife are transported to Newport News Park, the Virginia Living Museum or another rehabilitator that can eventually release the animal.  The law does not allow us to give any wildlife to someone other than a rehabilitator, so if you bring us an animal, you cannot have it back.

Unfortunately, some injuries are far too great and the wildlife cannot be saved.  In this case, the veterinarian will perform a humane euthanasia.

If you find an injured wild animal, and have questions about what you should do, feel free to give us a call at (757) 898-8433.

(Photo:  Dr. Raiff examines a Chimney Swift bird brought in by Newport News Park).

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