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Jun 08 2016

Why does the vet take my pet to the back during his/her visit?

You may have had your pet at Grafton Animal Hospital for a wellness visit and been told that we would like to take your pet to the back to give the vaccines, draw blood, or perform other lab tests.  You may be here with your kitten or puppy for their first visit and your precious baby is taken away before you really can object.

The doctors and staff of Grafton Animal Hospital want you to know that we are not using any forms or medieval torture on your pets.  But some of the treatments we perform on your pets can be tough for some pet parents to understand.

  1. Your pet is normally restrained for their safety and the safety of our staff.  This does mean that a cat may be held by his scruff, and a bird may be restrained around her neck, and these forms of restraint may seem terrible to the pet owner.  The technical staff are all trained to properly and safely restrain all types of different pets.
  2. Some procedures, such as obtaining a stool sample, drawing blood, or placing a catheter can make pet owners a little queasy.  We don’t want to make your visit unpleansant.
  3. Many pets just do better when they are away from their families.  I know my human child is better behaved at a friend’s house than he is at home.  The same is often true of furry children.  Sometimes the experience is better for everyone if the pet is separated from the family.

Keep in mind, your comfort level is always our concern.  If you absolutely cannot stand to be separated from your pet, just let us know.  We will be happy to take care of everything in the exam room or explain why certain procedures are best done elsewhere.  As always, the doctors and staff of Grafton Animal Hospital are glad that you entrust the care of your pets to us.

(Photo:  Holly and Dr. Shuck-Lee examine Chloe during her recent visit)

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