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Dec 16 2015

Grafton Animal Hospital now carries exotic pet food

As you are well aware, Grafton Animal Hospital sees all types of exotic pets, such as guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, chinchillas and more.  Now we are making it even easier to care for your exotic pet at home.

Grafton Animal Hospital is now carrying food and treats for some exotic pets.  We realized that there are not many options in York County for purchasing quality exotic pet foods and treats, so we brought in a small line of Oxbow products.  We have adult food for guinea pigs, rats and rabbits and large bags of Timothy Hay.  We also have timothy hay twists, timothy hideouts for small pets, and vitamin C tablets.  Finally we have treat medleys that can be used for most small exotic mammals in papaya, cranberry and rosemary, and lavender and chamomile.

All of our products are similarly priced to local pet stores, and it may save our clients a trip across town. We decided to try a few of these products but have the ability to bring in other products if needed.  Of course, we still have a great selections of food and treats for birds from Harrison’s and Lafeber’s.  Please stop by and check out our selection and let us know if there are other products you would like to see on our shelves.

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