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Nov 20 2015

Keep your pet happy and safe on Thanksgiving

The holiday season is officially here, and many families are preparing to celebrate all they are thankful for by cooking mounds of food and entertaining house guests.  Here are Grafton Animal Hospital, we will be enjoying a potluck during our training meeting Tuesday and most of the staff will be able to enjoy the day off on Thanksgiving Day.  If your pets will be staying with us for the holiday, rest assured that we will have a crew here to provide the best care for them.

You have heard us say it before, but here is your annual reminder.  As much fun as this holiday can be, there are some serious dangers lurking in your wonderfully decorated home.  Keep these things in mind:

  1. My sister used to give her 20 pound pug her own plate of food at Thanksgiving.  Her Veterinarian scolded her for this.  Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas, one of the main digestive organs.  The most common signs are vomiting and diarrhea, but some pets show other signs.  You may think it’s okay to give your pet a small piece of turkey, but if every family member gives your pet table scraps, you could be spending Black Friday with us.  Dr. Raiff, veterinarian at Grafton Animal Hospital, pleads you to not let your dog lick out the pan in which the turkey was roasted.  If your pet is just not acting right, please give us a call.
  2. In a related topic, you may have one of those dogs who will eat just about anything.  Although you take the precautions and keep all the table scraps away from your pet, they may take the liberty of getting into something.  If you throw food scraps in your trash can, your dog may be tempted to raid it for goodies.  Even the plastic wrapping from your turkey or the foil you covered it with may smell yummy.  We do not want to have to remove a ball of foil from your pet’s intestines.  Also, keep in mind that any meat bones, especially those that have been cooked, are very dangerous to your pet.  If you want your pet to enjoy some holiday goodies, buy him/her a can of dog food or a special pet treat.
  3. The last danger in your home this Thanksgiving is your houseguests.  Many houseguests either do not have pets of their own, have different types of pets or are not used to your pet’s environment.  This could mean that your houseguests are feeding your pets table scraps (but we already covered that), your completely indoor cat could end up outside, or your pets could become stressed over the extra activity going on in your home.  For the safety of all, be cautious of pets that are not used to having children around.  Sometimes it is better to board your pet or give them sanctuary in a quiet bedroom upstairs.

Just remember your pets when you are making your Thanksgiving plans this week.  As a final note, we at Grafton Animal Hospital would like to say Thank You for your patronage and we hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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