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Nov 04 2015

Vote for Grafton Animal Hospital

Yesterday was Election Day.  Did you vote?  Congratulations to all the candidates that won their seat in office.

What a great country we live in that we are able to chose the people who represent us in government.  And sometimes the person we chose is not the candidate that is chosen by the masses.  Sometimes, we may even feel that no single candidate is really great, but we still have to make a choice.  And each year, Election Day brings months of talk about the candidates.  Of course, there is already lots of discussion about next year’s presidential race.

When it comes to choosing a veterinarian, there are lots of great choices out there.  There are also groomers, boarding facilities and doggy daycares.  We appreciate you choosing us and coming to see us again and again.

If you support Grafton Animal Hospital, please tell your friends.  We love to give gifts to our clients who refer a friend or family member.  Also, we love to read what you have to say about us on the Internet.  Please leave us a review on Google, Yahoo or Yelp.  Be a fan of Grafton Animal Hospital on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Help your friends make the right choice for their pets.

Thank you again for your support and for voting “Yes” for Grafton Animal Hospital.

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