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Aug 31 2015

Is your pet prepared for Hurricane season?

It’s hurricane season, and the people of Hampton Roads, VA were recently  watching to see if Erika will come our way.  We have been very fortunate the last few years but we have to be prepared.

Nationwide Pet Insurance (formerly Veterinary Pet Insurance, or VPI) lays out a great plan to prepare your pets for a disaster.

  1.  Prepare a grab and go bag with at least a 5-day supply of essential pet supplies.  This includes your pet’s food and feeding bowls, bottled water, your pet’s medications, collar and tags, leash and muzzle and litter box/waste bags.  You should also have a current photo of your pet, you pet’s vaccine record and a list of contacts (make sure Grafton Animal Hospital is listed on there).
  2. Have a secure kennel for your pet with familiar bedding to keep your pet safe and try to reduce stress if you have to evacuate your home.
  3. Find pet friendly hotels or reach out to friends who can take your pet in the event that you cannot.  Grafton High School, just down the street from Grafton Animal Hospital, is the disaster shelter for Yorktown, VA.  We have been told that pets are welcome at this shelter but it’s best to confirm that and have a backup plan if they cannot take pets.
  4. Grafton Animal Hospital has a very strong, secure kennel.  As we have noticed with other storms, parts of York county may be asked to evacuate while others are okay to stay.  As long as it is safe for our staff to stay, we will remain open for business.  Your pets are welcome to stay with us.

We hope this storm will just make its way into the Atlantic without coming our way.  But it’s best to be prepared.  Give any of our staff members at call at (757) 898-8433 if you have questions or need a current copy of your pet’s vaccine record.

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