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May 28 2015

We did it again!

Grafton Animal Hospital is pleased to announce that we have elected to go through the process yet again to become an American Animal Hospital Association Accredited practice.  While any animal hospital can become an AAHA member, there is a detailed process to becoming accredited.  Unlike human hospitals, there is no required accreditation process for animal hospitals. AAHA is the only accrediting body for animal hospitals in the United States and Canada, and only about 12% of hospitals have received this accreditation.

This process started months ago with various staff members going through a list of approximately 900 quality standards on how Grafton Animal Hospital complies.  It has been 3 years since the last accreditation so although many standards have stayed the same, many standards have changed.  We had to maintain a certain score in numerous categories such as pain management, laboratory, medical records, pharmacy, anesthesia and continuing education.  Most of this process was done online.

The next step is an onsite inspection of the clinic.  A consultant from AAHA, usually a Licensed Veterinary Technician or a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, comes to Grafton Animal Hospital and looks through our medical records and tours the hospital to ensure we are maintaining these high standards.

Today, Susan from AAHA spent the day with us and officially accredited Grafton Animal Hospital for another 3 years.  We are very excited to have earned this high honor.  Thank you to all of the Grafton Animal Hospital staff who worked hard to make this happen.  Also, thank you to Susan for showing us how we can improve in the future.  Finally, thank you to our great clients who trust our expertise.

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