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May 22 2015

Grafton Animal Hospital purchases new Radiowave Surgical Unit

Grafton Animal Hospital is the proud owner of a new Radiowave Surgical Unit.  We have had one of these units for years but it was well beyond its life span.  It was time for an upgrade.

So, what is radiowave surgery?  A radiofrequency electrode tip becomes energized by the radiowaves but does not become overly hot.  Much like laser, this gives the veterinarians the ability to cut tissue very accurately while minimizing disturbance of adjacent tissue and minimizing post-op pain and blood loss.  This is great for procedures where blood loss is a great concern (the removal of certain masses or any surgeries in the mouth or face) and is especially great for exotics like birds, guinea pigs, rodents and reptiles as it decreases the risks that are associated with surgery in these pets.  Because the veterinarians at Grafton Animal Hospital are happy to see all types of birds, reptiles and small exotic mammals, this is a key device for providing the best care for these pets.

What are some of the benefits to radiowave surgery?

  • There is minimal tissue damage which will decrease post-operative pain.
  • The low temperature helps reduce tissue damage which means less swelling
  • Radiowaves kill bacteria, which reduces the risk of infection
  • Less damage to the tissue often means shorter anesthesia and post-surgical healing time
  • Safer than Laser and Electrocautery

Many procedures can now be done using radiowave surgery.  This technology may give the veterinarians at Grafton Animal Hospital the ability to offer shorter anesthesia and post-surgical healing times for your pet.  Some pets may only require a local anesthetic.  If the doctors at Grafton Animal Hospital tell you your pet needs surgery, ask them if this is an option for your pet.

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