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Apr 15 2015

Introducing Bravecto

I know it’s tough to keep all of these new flea and tick products straight these days, and now there’s one more to consider.  There’s a new product offered by Merck called Bravecto.  It’s a beefy chew that starts killing fleas within hours, kills ticks within a day, and continues to kill fleas and ticks up to 3 months.

Now I know what you are thinking:  I give my heartworm prevention each month, but I only have to give my flea/tick prevention every three months?  How will I remember to give it?  Well, Grafton Animal Hospital is going to help you with that.  Because only one tab is given every 3 months, we will set up a reminder in our software to alert you when it’s time to buy another dose.  The company also offers a free email reminder service on their website.

Bravecto is only available for dogs 6 months of age or older.  It comes in 5 difference sizes and we are offering all sizes at the same price for right now.  We also have a $15 online rebate if you purchase 2 doses (6 months worth of prevention) or a $35 rebate if you purchase 4 doses ( a year’s supply).

Flea and tick season is rapidly approaching in Yorktown, VA.  If you would like to know more about Bravecto or any other products to help you stay ahead of these pests, please call any of the staff at Grafton Animal Hospital at 757-898-8433.

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