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Mar 06 2015

Having your pet’s nails trimmed at Grafton Animal Hospital

One thing that almost every pet needs is a regular nail trim.  This is something that many pet owners can do at home, but often times it can be challenging.  Many pet parents elect to have the professional groomer or a staff member of Grafton Animal Hospital trim their pet’s nails.  Here are a few things to know when your pet receives a nail trim with us:

1. We will do our best to get your pet’s nails as short as possible.  Many pet owners ask us to trim the nails as short as we can.  A pet’s nails should only be trimmed 1-2 millimeters or so above the quick (the area that contains the blood vessels).  The staff members of Grafton Animal Hospital are trained to clip the nails at the right location.  However, dark nails or the pet’s behavior can make is difficult to find the perfect spot to trim.

  1. Some pet’s nails need trimmed more often than others.  Does your pet spend most of his/her time indoors?  Do you have hardwood floors?  Think of that person who annoyingly tapped their finger nails on the desk when you were in school.  A pet who walks around on hardwood floors tend to need a nail trim more often than those in homes with carpet.  Of course, a pet that is regularly walked on pavement or asphalt may only rarely need the nails trimmed.
  2. Call us right away if your pet’s nails are bleeding.  If we clip your pet’s nails a little too short, we will stop the bleeding with a styptic powder called Kwik Stop.  Most of Grafton Animal Hospital has a laminate floor that dogs have no problem walking over.  However, the lobby floor is a course tile that is safer for people to walk on.  If your pet’s nails were trimmed very short, this tile floor or the pavement in front of our building can cause the nails to bleed.  Bring your pet back right away or use a little bit of baking flour or cornstarch to stop the bleeding.
  3. Take steps to make nail trims easier for your pet.  Those pets with nails that are quite long also have long quicks.  Regular nail trims will keep the quick shorter, and make it possible to trim the nails shorter.    My dogs, which stay mostly indoors and spend a lot of time on hardwood floors, require monthly nail clipping to keep the nails at an ideal length.  A veterinarian or staff member of Grafton Animal Hospital may tell you to schedule more regular nail trims to keep your pet’s nails at a good length and make the process easier on your pet.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s nails or how often to clip them, please give any of our staff members a call at 898-8433.


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