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Feb 18 2015

Is it time to clean your pet’s teeth?

So, your veterinarian at Grafton Animal Hospital has told you that you pet needs a dental cleaning.  You may have a lot of questions.  Here are a few things you should know about having your pet’s teeth cleaned:

  1.  Your pet does need to go under anesthesia for a dental cleaning; this includes the dental x-rays if you choose to do them.  Your pet will only be under anesthesia as long as necessary to complete the procedure, will be monitored by one of our licensed technicians and sophisticated equipment during the entire procedure, and your pet will have that technician by his/her side until fully recovered from the anesthesia.
  2. The cost of a dental cleaning can vary depending upon your pet’s dental grade, as assessed by your veterinarian at every wellness exam.  A grade of 0 to 4 is assigned (0 being no problems, 4 being severe tartar and gum disease).  It is beneficial to schedule your pet’s cleaning when the grade is lower as we give a significant discount for a grade 1 or 2.
  3. If your pet has to have any teeth extracted, this can add to the cost of the dental cleaning.  If you wait until your pet is assigned a grade 3 or 4, it is more likely that your pet will have at least 1 extraction.  Sometimes, the veterinarian gets a better look at your pet’s mouth once he/she is under anesthesia and may need to contact you for permission to extract a tooth.
  4. Grafton Animal Hospital wants to help you take the best care of your pet’s teeth.  Ask us about financing plans to aid in your ability to pay for this procedure.

It can be frightening to hear that your pet needs a dental cleaning, but we want to help your pet keep a beautiful smile.  Contact any of the staff at Grafton Animal Hospital at (757) 898-8433 if you have questions or would like an estimate for your pet’s dental cleaning.

(Attached cartoon was found in Veterinary Team Brief Jan/Feb 2015, Volume 3)

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