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Jan 21 2015

Grafton Animal Hospital offers Telemedicine

Here at Grafton Animal Hospital, we are fortunate to have access to the minds of  three great Veterinarians.  But sometimes, a patient is presented with an extremely difficult case, and we have to step outside of the Yorktown, Virginia area for the answer.  We do this through the use of  Telemedicine.

Our lab’s telemedicine consultation gives us access to over 60 board-certified consultants of radiology, cardiology and specialty services.  Here’s an example of how it works.  A pet is presented who is vomiting and not eating.  There is suspicion that the pet could have eaten a stuffed animal.  But, after taking the x-rays, the doctor cannot determine for sure if there are remnants of a toy inside the pet.  Before she presents the pet’s owner with an estimate for surgery, she may advise sending the x-rays to our telemedicine consultants.  These doctors look at x-rays all day long.  The fact that they are board-certified means they acquired additional education and went through a rigorous process to earn this title.  Their expert opinion can guide your Veterinarian to make the best decision about your pet’s care.

These services are also available for our exotic patients too.  If your bird, guinea pig or other small exotic mammal needs the opinion of a board certified radiologist, we have the ability to offer this to you.

If you have any questions about telemedicine services, please contact any of our staff members.

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