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Jan 14 2015

The Cost of Owning a Pet

When considering the acquisition of a new pet, it is important to budget for this new expense in your household.  USAA Magazine (Winter 2014 edition) recently shed light on “The True Cost of Whiskers and Spot.”  No matter what type of pet you have, keep in mind that the first year is the most expensive year because of puppy and kitten vaccines, the cost of the spay or neuter, and purchasing an array of toys, pet beds, leashes etc. that your pet will need.

The article states that you should plan on spending about $1400 the first year of your dog’s life and about $1000 each year following.  Cats are a little less expensive at about $1100 the first year and $800 each year after.  Despite those numbers, 68% of U.S. households own a pet and that’s up from 56% in 1988.

So how can a family make owning a pet more affordable?  One way is with Pet Insurance.  There are many pet insurance companies these days but they all work on a reimbursement principal.  The other way to make your pet’s care more affordable at Grafton Animal Hospital is through our Wellness Plans.  These plans allow you to provide all the recommended care to your pet at a discount and even give you the ability to make payments over the course of a year.

In 2013, we spent over $55 billion on our pets here in the U.S.  Call any staff member at Grafton Animal Hospital and ask us how you can save some money on your pet’s care using our wellness plans or pet insurance.

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