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Dec 03 2014

Online Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have reminded me how easy it is to sit back and shop on the Internet; avoid the traffic, the crowds and running store to store looking for the best price.  A person can really find ANYTHING online these days.

Some items you may be tempted to buy online are your pet’s medications.  There are so many online pharmacies and stores promising to sell your pet’s medication to you much cheaper than your Veterinarian.  Everyone wants to get a good price on these items and it’s nice to take advantage of free shipping offers and have the medications shipped right to your door with no hassles.  But here are a few reasons why you should get your pet’s medications from your Veterinarian:

  1.  Your Vet is a Trusted Source – we order all our drugs and preventatives directly from the manufacturer or trusted distributors.  This ensures these products are handled properly, shipped at the right temperatures, and labeled properly for sale within the U.S.
  2. Rebates – Not only do we offer competitive prices on many of our preventatives, but we also receive rebate offers to help offset the costs.  Right now, there are rebates up to $50 by mail for the most popular flea and heartworm preventatives.
  3. Product Guarantees– Many of the companies that make flea and heartworm preventatives  have guarantees that their products will work or they will cover your pet’s treatment.  Ask any of our staff members for more information on these guarantees.
  4. Buy Local– When you buy your medications from your Veterinarian, you support a local business and help keep community members employed.

Thank you for purchasing your pet’s medications at Grafton Animal Hospital!

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