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Oct 15 2014

What if I can’t pay for my pet’s care?

We at Grafton Animal Hospital are fortunate to be friends with Lesa, founder of Gowns for Hounds.  Lesa knows how expensive pet care can be so she started this wonderful charity to help those who’s pets have an emergency illness or injury with the finances to pay for the pet’s treatment.  We are very pleased that Lesa chose Grafton Animal Hospital’s doctors to have access to the funds she has raised through this great cause.

Gowns for Hounds gathers gently used prom gowns, party dresses, formal wear and wedding accessories and sells these items to the public.  That money is then available to a pet owner who, under certain circumstances, cannot pay for their pet’s care.  Lesa told us recently that she has gotten many donations and also recently has a very successful wedding event, which allows funds for someone who may need it.

Gowns for Hounds is hosting a little black dress event on Saturday, November 1st  from 1 to 5 pm at Port Warwick Dental Arts, 251 Nat Turner Boulevard in Newport News.  If you are in need of a party dress, please come to the event.  Most dresses are priced between $10 and $50 and all the money raised goes to this great cause.  Maybe you don’t need a dress.  Please come by anyway . . . there are other ways you can contribute.  Finally, those old gowns stuffed in the back of your closet that do not fit or are not quite your style anymore, consider donating them.

For more information about this event, donating or how to use these funds, contact Lesa at or Melanie at Grafton Animal Hospital.


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