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Sep 29 2014

Grafton Animal Hospital sees backyard chickens

Did you know Grafton Animal Hospital sees backyard chickens?  In fact, we have 2 of the few veterinarians that see chickens in Yorktown, VA and the surrounding area.  We offer general wellness education and treatment of illnesses that affect pet chickens.  We can help you to keep your backyard flock healthy.

We recently saw Barbie, a Polish chicken who had bumblefoot.  Her dad drove nearly 2 hours to see us.  Dr. Raiff was able to treat the problem and even made Barbie a pair of stylish shoes to match that cool hair.  We hope to hear that Barbie is back in the hen house with her “peeps” again soon.

If you have backyard chickens or are interested in having some, consider free membership in the Peninsula Chicken Keepers group, known as PeCK.  This is a group of local chicken keepers that meet the last Thursday of each month in Yorktown.  Learn more by visiting their website:

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