• Kids and Dogs Blog

    Is your pet your child’s best friend?

    Jun 13 2017

    Nothing seems to go together better than children and pets.  I love seeing kids riding bikes and a dog running close behind.  I was reading the April 2017 Trends Magazine…

  • Print

    June is National Microchip Month!

    Jun 09 2017

    Happy National Microchipping month!!!!  Okay, so you may not be planning a family gathering or purchasing gifts for this occasion, but here is why it’s important to consider a microchip…

  • Deramaxx

    Why does my pet need bloodwork to get that medication?

    May 26 2017

    I was recently speaking with one of our valued Grafton Animal Hospital clients who informed me that he had a kidney transplant within the last year.  I was very surprised…

  • Attractiveness blog

    Does your pet make you more attractive?

    May 12 2017

    Did you ever wonder what your pet does for your looks?  The folks at Petsies recently surveyed 1000 Americans in a study that found your pet can certainly make you…

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    Beat the Heat

    May 05 2017

    Ahhhh, summer is finally right around the corner.  Rain, snow, and cold weather should soon be a distant memory.  But summer heat can be dangerous for your pet. In one…

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    April is Lyme Disease Prevention Month

    Apr 24 2017

    April is National Lyme Disease Prevention month.  Lyme disease is a growing problem in dogs and humans, especially in southeastern Virginia.  Did you know that dogs are 50% more likely…

  • Dutchie

    What to do if you have lost your pet

    Apr 15 2017

    My sister told me recently that her friend, Renee, had lost her cat, Dutchie.  He got out of the house and was gone a few days.  Renee was worried sick…

  • Kramer Steck

    Sure, my pet has all of his shots. Doesn’t he?

    Apr 05 2017

    When I started graduate school, I was asked to provide a record of certain vaccines.  Being a member of the military at the time, I was pretty certain that I…

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    Grain-free Diets are not best for your best friend

    Mar 27 2017

    There are a lot of speculations that a carbohydrate-free diet is good for you.  I am no expert when it comes to the perfect diet, but a balance of everything…

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    Chocolate – Good for me but not my pet

    Mar 15 2017

    It’s a great day when I learn that something I like is actually good for me.  In this case, it’s chocolate.  In the February issue of AAHA’s Trends magazine, there…